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Inspection System for Bottle Sorting according to ACL-Lables
The sorting system BBULL ACL is designed for the sorting of bottles with ACL labels.
The diameter and the height of the bottles are exactely defined.
The reference for the sorting process is the label. Modifications, that means the
change to an other format, are always possible by considering certain hardware
requirements as well as a new Software Setting.
The maximum Line speed is 70.000 b/h.
The detection of the bottles is done while passing 2 CCD asynchron
cameras, controled by a trigger signal. Both cameras are installed at the
light channel where the conveyor belt is passing through one on the right
and the other on the left side.
Two LED flash units completed with two diffusors and two mirrors at
the conveyor allow best and constant light attitude at the moment of
taking the picture. If required the quality of lithtning by Software
can be checked. (Shutter Test). The instance of foreign light entering the
light channel is prevented by two folding doors and a filter disc in front of each
camera. A high standard industry PC is responsible for an optimal evaluation of
the provided camera signals.
The operation of the system is done by a TOUCH SCREEN monitor with TFT color
display and enables an userfriendly handling. The protection of all relevant menues by password offers the necessary safety against operating errors and foreign interferences.
On the monitor you can show the measuring window as well as 2 charts for production and analysis datas which give a complete control during the production process.
STRATEC ACL - Bottle Sorting according to ACL-Labels
Brochure: BBULL ACL < PDF > < download > (approx. 0,1 MB)