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Label Inspection in the Labeller
BBULL EK is developed for label inspection in the labelling machine.
The label inspection sensors are installed inside the labeller, where defined positions can be guaranteed. BBULL provides different sensor types in order to guarantee highest possible detection reliability. Sensor type will be defined after receipt of samples.
The processing of the signals is done in the universal control- and operation unit BBULL EK with corresponding algorithms for label presence inspection. The software includes a tracking module to control a rejector at the outfeed of the labeller. Sensors for machine and conveyor synchronisation can be supplied optionally in case they can not be provided by the present machine.
OEM package
for installation in the labeller
Steuergerät BBULL  EK für den Einbau in der Etikettiermaschine
Control unit for installation at the conveyor
Steuergerät BBULL  EK für die Bandmontage
   Central operation and control unit in stainless 
     steel housing
   LC-display (4x20 segments) for monitoring of counter
     and production data
   Able to monitor production data in local languages
   6-button keyboard for operation
   Software for label presence inspection
   Fault signal in case of faulty containers
   Stop signal on serial faults
   Self diagnosis
   Ethernet interface for network connection
   Conveyor mounting kit
   Sensor kit for label inspection in the machine
     (max. 5 labels)
   Sensor kit for machine synchronisation
     (if signals not provided by the machine
   Encoder set for conveyor synchronisation
     (required for rejection)
   Pusher tracking module with acknowledge triggerr
   Rejection of faulty containers
   Reject verification
   Interface for data acquisition (acc. Weihenstephan)
   Software for remote operation and maintenance
Brochure: BBULL EK < PDF > < download > (approx. 0,4 MB)