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Ultrasound "TILTED POSITION DETECTION " for screw caps, independent of alignment,
colour and cap material
The safeguard of the product quality is of primary importance of every bottling company.
Spoilt products or poor quality causes annoyance to the customer and loss of image.
The correct position of the lid is an essential factor in ensuring, that the product reaches the
consumer with its indicated shelf life.
Demands for increasing bottling speeds and the growing use of screw caps, means that
the inspection of the correct cap position gains ever increasing importance within the
quality assurance process of a bottling line.
Particularly with the use of plastic screw caps, the most frequent error is, that
the cap iscross threaded by the closing machine.
This has a variety of consequences. Besides the optical impression, the leak
at the top can produce poor quality and undrinkability.
BBULL offers with the patented "TILTED POSTITION DETECTION" a new
method of inspecting screw caps for errors.
The system works on the latest ultrasound technology and inspects the bottle
at full production speed.
Faulty bottles are reliably detected and transferred to a rejection system,
which removes them from the production process.
Optionally an acoustic or optical alarm can be activated. The operation of the
system is easy. The "TILTED POSITION DETECTION" can be easily
mounted on existing installations.
Ultrasound -Tilted Position Detection -BBULL Tilted Position Detection-
Inspection of screw-type caps according to tilted position within bottling lines. The reliable inspection is independent of colour, material of the cap or inaccurate bottle heights.
Application mainly in the:
   beverage industry
     pharmaceutic industry
   food industry      detergent industry
   chemical industry      packaging industry
The system consists of a sensor bridge for tilted screw-type cap inspection and a control unit for the evaluation of the fault signal. The control unit carries out various jobs, such as the transition of the faulty bottle to the rejection system and the updating of the bottle counters. The sensor bridge "Tilted screw cap inspection can be combined with different BBULL Control units.
From our series of 8-different control units (the systems are functionally graduated) the appropriate combination of inspection functions according to any special requirement can be selected.
For a simple application there is also an operation without additional control unit possible.
The system is easily mounted above the conveyor and can be adjusted in height for different bottle types by means of a spindle. During the measurement an ultrasound sensor, which is centrally mounted in the sensor bridge, continuously emits ultrasound impulses.
The returning echo's, reflected by the cap are evaluated by the sensor.
A tilted position of the cap is reliably detected, independent of its alignment, colour and cap material.
     (Filling and labelling monitoring for bloc installations)
     ("Small" filling and labelling monitoring for
      bloc installations)
     (Filling monitoring)
     BBULL F
     ("Small" filling monitoring)
     (Labelling monitoring)
     BBULL E
     ("Small" labelling monitoring)
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