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Cap Inspection by proximity Sensor up to approx. 60.000 c/h
BBULL CCI is a highly precise detection system inspecting caps and food cans. Based on longtime experience in developing sensory measuring systems we are now able to offer a new type of inspection system especially designed to meet your requirements.
The system consists of an inspection bridge that scans the containers without contact up to a conveying capacity of 60.000 units per hour. The evaluation and processing occurs via a high-quality industrial control with flexible communicative integration options to existing systems. For that purpose there is an extensive software package with database connection and statistical evaluation.
The BBULL CCI can be used for:   and detects the following faults:
   jars with twist-off caps      missing caps
   bottles with crown caps and
     other caps
     defective, deformed and asymmetri-
     cally attached cap
   food and drink cans      missing vacuum or internal pressure
     (indirectly by inspecting the deflection)
Pressure and Vacuum Inspection by proximity Sensor BBULL CCI
The BBULL CCI system operates based on a specially developed scanning sensor (electromagnetic or with laser) that detects the containers above the conveyor belt in continuous free running.
During measurement the surface of the container is scanned using up to 128 measuring points (depending on size). Subsequently these data are saved digitally in the memory and an outline is generated accordingly.
Using complex algorithms the profile created this way is compared with stored setpoint values concerning shape and symmetry.
The optimum evaluation and further processing of measured production data is the essential requirement for efficient and
cost-saving production.
The BBULL CCI software module provides tools that support the user during the entire process chain from measuring
and setup through to production monitoring, including statistical evaluation and documentation.
The basic system consists of a sensor bridge and a „Black Box“ with a LCD display and a 4 button control unit. This „Black
Box“ can be connected with the control unit by a network interface.
The software module runs on standard desktop PCs or laptops equipped with Windows XP and Windows 2000 to simplify
the use.
Combined with the local control the software forms an extensive optimization and supports networking of several individual
local systems. The networking capability of the integral statistical tool provides production data where it is needed, e.g. in
production planning and control or in quality assurance.
The statistics compiled allow to detect and thus eliminate weak points in production. So, for example, the percentage of
faulty products can be determined. The monitoring functions used in production provide important info concerning rejection
rates that are too high. The traceability of production batches is also ensured.
Brochure: BBULL CCI < PDF > < download > (approx. 0,5 MB)