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Leakage Inspection for PET Bottles and Cans
Leaking containers and containers with missing pressure are problems which concern directly the quality of the product (missing CO2 as well as the production process.
Thus a reliable detection of these faults is obligatory for every production plant that produces such flexible containers.
BBULL has developed with the inspection system PULSE a totally new principle which detects these faults almost contact free.
The system consists basically of the inspection bridge which will be installed on the conveyor and the inspection software, which is running on a windows-based processing unit.
For the inspection, a feeler element is electromagnetically accelerated to the container to be inspected. A highly precise measuring cell controls by multiple measurements the bouncing of the element of the container. Harder containers show clearly measurable differences against softer containers. Differences to the norm will be detected immediately and compared to the adjusted limits. Containers with measurements outside the allowed limits will be marked as faulty and can be rejected.
The principle is especially qualified for the inspection of
   oneway PET
   beverage cans
   nitrogen dosed containers (missing, or too less dosing)
   carbonised beverages (missing pressure caused by leakers)
As installation place we recommend an installation post
   closer (for nitrogen-dosing)
   after pasteurizer, warmer, cooler (for carbonised beverages)
   in combination with a fill height, date code inspection
   in combination with a filler / closer management system
Inspection bridge of the leakage inspection system BBULL PULSE
Measuring unit
Measuring unit
   production statistic /counters (total, good, overpressured,
   graphics / production diagram / histogram
   auto tracking to compensate process variations
   self diagnosis
   serial-fault detection
   inspection bridge with measurement element for installation on
     the conveyor
   acknowledge trigger
   height adjustment / spindle
   Controller (BBULL PC 500 / BBULL PC 5000)
Screen Shot: Leakage inspection system BBULL PULSE - Result - Click on the Image to enlarge it
Screen shot: Result
Screen Shot: Leakage inspection system BBULL PULSE - Inspection - Click on the Image to enlarge it
Screen shot: Inspection
Further details to the corresponding central operating, control and processing unit BBULL PC-5000 you will find < here >
  BBULL PC-500 you will find < here >
Brochure: BBULL PULSE < PDF > < download > (ca. 0,4 MB)
Video:      BBULL PULSE 1 < play > < download > (approx. 58 MB)