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Gamma Fill Level Inspection for Kegs
The BBULL KEG Inspection System checks kegs after the filling process for a correct fill level by means of gamma technology. The use of gamma rays is necessary in order to have enough energy for penetrating the wide diameters of beer kegs.
This technology allows a resolution of 5-8 mm that covers the complete range for fill level inspection of kegs.
The inspection bridge (with the gamma source) is installed on the conveyor and
checks passing kegs sidewise, similar to fill level inspection of standard containers.
The recorded data is transmitted to the BBULL COMPACT PM
or PC-500 for evaluation.
The operation of the control unit is easy and comfortable.
In case of a wrong fill level the system triggers a potential free 24 V error signal
that can be variably processed.
During the measurement the container is irradiated with gamma rays. According
to the particular fill level a different amount of energy is absorbed.
Consequently the fill level can be exactly defined.
If there is a wrong fill level the inspection system triggers an error signal for
various subsequent processing e.g. rejection, stop signal...
Gamma Fill Level Inspection for Kegs BBULL KEG
BBULL IMAGE   Quality management with multifuctional image processing                             < here >
Brochure: BBULL KEG < PDF > < download > (approx. 0,2 MB)
Further details to the corresponding central operating, control and processing unit BBULL COMPACT PM < here >
  BBULL PC-500 < here >
   simple operation via TFT monitor with touch screen
   machine stop in case of sequential faults
   counter for the total number of the kegs and number of
     the rejected kegs
   integrated printer interface (V24)
   control and transfer to the rejection unit
   change of crate type via SPC or RS 232 interface
   text display (5 languages switchable to D, GB, E, I, F)
   capacity available for processing of additional sensors
   operating data acquisition