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Full Crate Inspection with Sensor Technology (Diffuse Reflection Sensor, Ultrasound, Initiator)
The use of the BBULL Full Crate Inspection BBULL COMPACT VK-L/U/I allows
manufacturers to recognize and to sort out incomplete crates at full production speed.
BBULL COMPACT VK-L/U/I is an universal inspection device adequate for almost
all current types of crates.
The system is tolerant especially to vibrating or toppling bottles.
The inspection can be carried out in a lengthwise or crosswise transport under the
sensor bridge.
An extensive self-diagnosis of the sensors in combination with a malfunction text
display guarantees high reliability and easy operation.
BBULL COMPACT VK-L/U/I can be easily mounted on existing installation.
Running through side by side maximum 6 bottles can be inspected.
Running free of interruption is ensured even if the range of tolerance is
big or if there are difficult conditions.
Full Crate Inspection System BBULL COMPACT VK L/U/I with Sensor Technology
The system consists of a sensor bridge and the control unit
For different crate types within a bottling line the height of the sensor bridge
can be adjusted easily. The sensors are integrated in the sensor bridge.They are easily
adapted to the bottle lines to be inspected.
The crate can be transported under the sensor bridge lengthwise or crosswise.
The evaluation of the sensor signals, as well as the transfer of a faulty
crate to the rejection system is performed by the control unit
Because of the highly sophisticated electronic evaluation, there are no special requirements for the sensors used. Bottles with high tolerances or toppling bottles do not disturb the inspection process.
When the system recognizes an incomplete crate, a signal is activated
to stop the conveyor, to activate an acoustic or optical alarm or to transfer the faulty crate to the rejection unit.
If there are some different crates in your bottling line or the production must be changed often from one type of crate to another, then BBULL COMPACT VK-L/U/I can be upgraded with additional lines of sensors. So there is no need for the operator to rearrange the sensors manually. For switching you only need to change the format at your control device.
Sensor Bridge BBULL COMPACT VK L/U/I with Sensors
   Full crate inspection within bottling lines in the:
       missing containers
       missing caps (VK-L, VK-I, VK-U)
Brochure: BBULL COMPACT VK L/U/I < PDF > < download > (approx. 0,3 MB)