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Sorting and Distribution Technology for plastic Crates and Cartons
The BBULL DUAL SORTER was especially conceived for sorting and distribution of plastic crates and
cartons with a power of max. 8.000 packs per hour.
A major advantage of the dual sorter technology is due to a constant transfer width for containers
with different weights.
At the beginning of every transfer process, the weight is defining the required tranfer energy. By
adaptation of the transfer energy to the container weight, linked with a movement in conveying
direction while transferring, the BBULL Dual Sorter produces a constant and accurate
transfer width for filled and empty packs.
The BBULL Dual Sorter works lateral to the conveyor section. The transfer
can be carried out on available slat- or driven roller conveyors.
Because of its compact design, the required space of the
BBULL Dual Sorter is very small and a retro fitting in available lines is
accomplishable without any efforts.
Sorting- and Distribution System BBULL DUAL SORTER
   gentle weight compensated transfer      menu driven operation processor
   mass independent constant transfer width (adjustable)      adjustable distribution rate controlled also by
     jam switch
   out-of-position collision between the containers is possible
   adjustable to different detection systems      multi-distribution in a small space possible
   automatic teach in of the transfer parameter (Teach In)      left/right constructions change over on site
The system consists of two counter rotating, on one transport bar mounted transfer segments. The power transmission of the segments occurs from a servo drive. Both of the two transfer segments consist of a pneumatic cylinder with a roadbed and a transfer plate which is in contact with the packs during the sorting operation.
For every sorting operation one of the transfer plates will be deployed pneumatically and conducts the container during the operation with angular synchronism with the production speed.
At the same time the second segment (passive) will be set back in basic position, to reject the next container. This happens for every rejection operation.
During the starting phase of the transfer movement, the weight of the pack is determined. Afterwards a dead weight depending, progressive acceleration of the crate is calculated by considering as performance data. This progress brings out the same transfer width between not filled and filled packs.
Starting phase
After the start signal, the left upper segment is driven in conveyer speed to the right side, at the same time the pneumatic controlled transfer movement occurs.
Transfer phase
After the container and weight calculation is finished, the calculated acceleration occurs. At the same time the passive segment, which is below, moves to the left side.
Ending phase
Shortly after the rejection process is finished, the next rejection can follow with the following segment below.
Grafical Description of the Rejection Process of the Sorting- and Distribution System BBULL DUAL SORTER
Brochure: BBULL DUAL SORTER < PDF > < download > (approx. 0,3 MB)
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