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Sorting and Distribution System for Crates, Cartons and Tray
The degree of automation in filling lines has increased constantly in order to meet market requirements as the pressure on costs and quality awareness have risen.
These growing demands have also changed user´s expectations in respect of the dry section.
In addition to straightforward crate inspection, discharge and distribution of the containers poses the greatest challenge for the sorting system. The filling operation requires a low-wear sorting system with high efficiency.
The BBULL SINUS SORTER system operates above the conveyor level and ensures a smooth transfer of full and empty containers. The containers are preferably transferred on existing slatband chain conveyors. They can be transferred to conveyors running in parallel as well as to conveyors running at right angles.
The container to be discharged is accelerated under proportional control in the function sequence. A constant and precisely adjustable transfer distance can be obtained for full and empty containers, since the transfer energy is spread over a longer period of time and the acceleration is controlled.
System malfunctions due to contamination of any kind is largely excluded since the system is installed above the conveyor level. The technical system is readily accessible for maintenance and repair work and has already proved its value in many applications as an exceedingly wear-resistant system with high functional stability.
Upon completion of the transfer movement, the transfer plate is raised pneumatically, thus clearing the way for the next container to enter the function area. This eliminates the need for excessively large gaps between the containers in the sorting area.
Smooth transfer is a characteristic feature of the BBULL SINUS SORTER system. The system operates reliably in combination with crates, cartons, trays and six-packs. SINUS SORTER technology has already proved its value in numerous applications with high performance and high belt speeds.
The system is used in combination with crate identification and uniform distribution of the containers.
It is also used for extremely compact multi-line distribution.
  Sinusoidal, i.e. optimum transverse, acceleration of
    the container.
    All functional parts are located above the container,
    thus eliminating functional impairments due to dirt.
  Constant transfer distance (adjustable).     High functional stability
  Exceedingly wear-resistant functional system.     Signal transmission via teach-in
Different systems are available, depending on the application in question and depending on the requirements to be met by the distribution system.
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