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Visual Can Inspection
CANKON is designed to suit the inspection conditions at can filling plants.
It can control up to 100.000 empty cans per hour. The system finds structural defects such as deformations at the wall and the rim as well as deposits within the can. A fast ejection unit reliably removes the defective containers from the line at full production speed.
Mounted directly in front of the filling station, CANKON makes sure that only flaw-free cans enter this sensitive unit in which every deformed can might
cause messy jams that result in lengthy production delays.
Furthermore CANKON improves your product safety by ensuring that no deposits are left in the cans.
Empty Can Inspection BBULL CANKON
The little required mounting space plus its modular conception make the
CANKON solution unique. Requiring only 200 mm of conveyor length, the system can be mounted in areas where other devices do not fit in. Thanks to the modular design, you can mount the separate modules (camera head, computer unit and rejector) at different spots and so reducing the required space at critical positions even more.
  100.000 cans per hour     easy operator control via TFT touch screen
  detects deformations in wall and rim areas, finds
    deposits in the can
    software based contact-free inspection, operating
    platform: Windows 2000
  minimum space requirement     remote maintenance and tele-diagnostics
  inspects aluminium and steel cans     supports operation via line monitoring system network
  inspects all sizes     waterproofed ( IP-54)
You can connect CANKON to your line monitoring system via network to survey eject rates and the machine status from your control room. Due to the contact-free design of the system the set-up time is reduced to a minimum.
The operation of this software-based inspection solution is more than simple. Based on Microsofts Windows 2000 operation system the necessary parameters can easily be set locally aided by remote maintenance and tele-diagnostics via virtually any telephone network.
The high performance illumination concept relying on the latest LED-driven lighting fixtures on the market makes sure that CANKON‘s electronic eye, a high resolution CCD-chip, detects even the tiniest defects and deposits.
So CANKON reaches an optimum inspection performance.
A high speed ejector unit makes sure that each and every defective or contaminated specimen is reliably removed from the production line even at maximum line speeds. Also successive defective samples are separated without any problem.
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